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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Updating Your Estate Plan

Many people do a will or a trust and associated documents and put them away and never look at them again. However it's always a good idea to pull those documents out of the drawer or file and review them every couple of years to check to see if they still work for you and are consistent with your present wishes. When you get it out look for the following:

1. Does your estate go to the people or organizations  you want to receive it upon your passing?

2. Is the person you named as your Executor, Personal Representative, Successor Trustee for a Trust still the person you want in charge of your financial affairs after you pass or become incapacitated in the case of a Trust?

3. If you have minor children are the people you named as guardians still the people you want to raise your children if both parents are unavailable?

4. Has a named beneficiary died?

5 Has a named Executor, Personal Representative or Successor Trustee died?

6. Have you divorced your spouse? Do you have a new spouse?

7. Is your spouse deceased?

8 Is one of your children deceased? Have you adopted children?

9. Did you leave a specific item of property (personal or real) to a specific beneficiary and do you no longer own that property?

10. Has the value of your estate substantially increased or decreased?

11. Do you have a beneficiary who may lose governmental benefits if they inherit from you?

 These are only a few examples of when there may need to be an update of you estate plan.

A final note, please do not write on your ORIGINAL will, trust or other estate planning document because it could invalidate them!

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